Introducing the Inherents

Blended to Protect

Carrington's new range of FR fabrics

Combining safety, strength and durability the Inherent FR Flameban range from Carrington is an excellent choice for a number of applications in many sectors. Developed over time so to offer the end user the complete range of multi norm fabrics to cover the most challenging working environments.

From the highest ARC ratings in class on a weight for weight basis to lightweight ripstop with nylon for additional strength our Flameban ranges are blended for the future.

Carrington’s Inherent range have tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion performance which are superior to competitors fabrics and therefore meet every possible market need.


Our inherent FR entry level fabric comes in four weights to suit end users from lightweight Oil and Gas through to heavy duty industry. Boasting above average norms with ATPV values in excess of 12 cal/cm2 this stock supported range is an excellent introduction to inherent fabrics.

Flameban Extra

With Flameban Extra, Carrington offers a versatile fabric that delivers additional performance on abrasion and arc rating due to its nylon content. Cotton content for wearer comfort & handle and antistatic content for performance.

The innovative Ripstop version is unrivalled in its sector for weight and performance. The Extra range is built to last.

Flameban Max

The flagship of our inherently fire retardant fabrics, it uses an innovative patented blend of fibres – delivering the ultimate performance with excellent char strength and superior electric arc performance at low weights.

A breakthrough in technical multi-norm fabrics, it demonstrates our ability to anticipate the future in the increasingly demanding world of workwear. The winner in best Fabric & Fibre category at the Professional Clothing Awards Flameban Max 310 Hi Vis Orange was first to market with GORT 3279 & Hi Vis Orange EN 20471 certification.

For the first time, comfort and safety is now introduced to this market sector which has previously been dominated by aramid-only fabrics.

Our Flameban Max 350 offers Class 2 Welders certification in addition to the high end 310 properties.

The Pro2 and Pro3 laminated versions are EN343 3:3 to offer true multi-functionality with additional waterproof and breathability properties.