Delivering outstanding antiviral protection with our ISO tested finish for workwear fabrics

At Carrington Textiles we are introducing our excellent antiviral finish for woven fabrics ISO 18184:2019 tested to deactivate over 99% of enveloped viruses.

This is a strategic move of our R&D efforts to respond to the market’s needs in a new COVID-19 world where employees of all sectors need to be more protected than ever.

Trials were run by an independent laboratory in the UK by using an enveloped virus on our main scrub suit poly-cotton fabric, Alba 2, coated with the SanitizedⓇ branded treatment that harnesses the natural antiviral and antibacterial properties of silver.

Results show:

  • Over 99% efficiency against viruses in two hours
  • Over 98% efficiency against viruses after 50 washes at 60°C.


  • Antiviral and antibacterial protection
  • Tested ISO 18184:2019 efficiency against enveloped viruses
  • Environmentally friendly approach for its durability and launderability
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Oeko-Tex approved
  • Bluesign approved
  • EPA registered
  • Also works as a built-in deodorant by killing bacteria
  • Can be used with all colours and shades
  • No impact on handle

How does it work?

  1. The nature of woven materials means that their pores are too big to protect against viruses that are small enough to go through them.
  2. Our Antiviral Finish works as a coating that is pressed then ‘baked’ into the fabric using specialised machines at the end of the manufacturing process.
  3. This finish works as a barrier that will capture viruses before they had the chance of passing through the pores of the fabric and deactivates them.
  4. This coating also kills bacteria the same way, with the added benefit to working as a ‘built-in deodorant’ as due to its advanced technology protects against unwanted bacteria that cause unpleasant odour.

End uses:

 Our new Antiviral Finish can be safely used on fabrics for:

  • Face coverings
  • Medical wear
  • Hospitality & retail workwear
  • Heavy industry workwear
  • Armed forces uniforms
  • And more…

For more information about our Antiviral Finish by Carrington Textiles please fill in the below form and a member of the team will be in touch: