Production Facilities

Our commitment to fabric performance and continuous development in advance technologies, together with our respect for the environment, run through all aspects of our manufacturing process; from fobre selection, weaving and dyeing through to our finishes. Our R&D departments and our production engineers constantly work towards the minimisation of toxic substances, alternatives for existing raw materials, waste reduction, reduction of engery use and renewable energies.

CTI. Our vertically integrated manufacturing solution in Pakistan.

Carrington Textiles International based in Lahore, Pakistan, produces up to 20 million metres of the widest range of woven workwear fabrics, including cotton rich, polyester/cotton, stretch and sustainable textiles, warehoused in Lahore, Asia and the South African Port of Durban to ensure the best possible service to all major markets. The site has been equipped with some of the most modern European dyeing and finishing plant and machinery, offering a double width dye range for greater efficiency.

HISTORY: Officially launched in 2021, Carrington Textiles International is the joint venture between Carrington Textiles and Sapphire Textile Mills, benefiting from a vertically integrated manufacturing facility and increasing the company’s capacity to 130 million square metres of fabric a year.

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Pincroft. A specialist in dyeing, printing, processing and finishing.

Based in Lancashire, where British textiles began, Pincroft dyeing & printing is Carrington’s main fabric provider with a current production capacity of 35 million metres. A continuous programme of capital investment has given the company one of the most modern dyeing and finishing plants in the world. Over €30 million has been invested in the past eight years to help develop fabrics and finishes for exceptional performance in the most demanding workplace environments. To remain at the forefront of innovation, in the next two years a further €15 million will go into a new research and development laboratory, machinery and infrastructure.

HISTORY: 130 years’ experience. Joined forces with Carrington in 1999 to become a powerhouse of the European textile industry.

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Alltex. A wide range of fabric treatment for a wide-ranging client base

Alltex is based in Lancashire, UK. Its core business is commission dyeing, but the company also offers a wide range of fabric finishing options – such as FR treating, bleaching, raising, emerising and calendering. With a production capacity of approx. 2.5 million metres per year.

Alltex processes fabrics for a diverse range of end product uses. These include Furnishings, Curtain Fabrics, Clothing, Footwear, Lingerie, Industrial Packaging, Display, Sports Hall and Stadia Backgrounds.

HISTORY: Joined the Carrington textile family in 2015 after being a core supplier for over 20 years.

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MGC. A strong manufacturing presence in mainland Europe

MGC – Acabamentos Têxteis SA is a newly-formed manufacturing company based in Guimarães, Portugal. It has a production target of 18 million metres of fabric per year, which will expand Carrington’s current production capacity in Europe to more than 50 million metres.

HISTORY: A joint venture formed in 2017 with leading Portuguese textile manufacturer TMG - Acabamentos Texteis SA to help with Carrington’s production and product growth in the European market. Carrington and TMG have over 20 years’ experience working together.

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Adventum Technologies: A dedication to the Russian market

Operating from a new purpose-built factory in the Tula region south of Moscow, Adventum specialises in producing flame retardant fabrics. The facility has the very latest state of the art machinery and technology, allowing us to meet the demands of a variety of different end users from the Oil & Gas sector, the Mining Sector, and throughout all industries where the workforce needs apparel made from the most advanced protective wear fabrics.

HISTORY: Adventum was launched in 2017 by Carrington Textiles and our Russian partner Textime. The aim of this venture is to secure a leading position in the developing Russian market and maintain this for many years to come.

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