Carrington Textiles and the Environment

High environmental standards provide the foundations which are essential for long term growth.

Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment plays a major part in the way we develop and operate our business.

We firmly believe that good environmental performance and efficient use of resources make for a better business.

We recognise the benefits for all of integrating environmental strategy into our business, we do this by:

  • Measuring, reviewing and continuously improving the environmental impacts of our operations
  • Using resources efficiently and minimising waste wherever possible
  • Eco-innovating our production processes and products
  • Working with our suppliers, customers and employees to promote good environmental practice 
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Energy Saving

Installation of one of industries largest heat recovery systems, recovering waste heat from waste water and atmospheric releases to heat clean process water.

Annual saving of natural gas of > 750,000 cubic metres

Reducing CO2 emissions by more than 4,000 tonnes per year

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Water Use

Water for all wet processes has been reduced to well below industry benchmarks by investing in the best available equipment, use of greener chemistry and 'smart' use of water.

Reducing effluent production by more than 50,000 m3 per year

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Resource Efficiency

By investing in chemical recovery systems, chemical substitution and process optimisation we have realised significant reductions in the use of products.

Chemical consumption reduced by more than 100,000 tonnes per year

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Waste Minimisation

Our purchasing policy means that waste is kept to a minimum and where possible all remaining packaging is re-used or recycled, these ideals are passed onto our supply chain. As a result of these measures significant amounts of waste have diverted from landfill.

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Marketing Materials

All our marketing materials are now fully sustainable. We use the FSC standard for our printed materials, which supports the promotion of products produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials. Our clear plastic water bottles are made from recycled material and encourage our team to use less single-use plastic bottles.

Sustainability Guide

Click here to download our Sustainability Guide