The new heavyweight winner in tough hi-vis high tenacity

New Alaska Pro 2 and 3 CORDURA®

Introducing our new durable waterproof fabrics

Developed to shrug off tough punishment and weather without problems, Alaska Pro 2 CORDURA® is a heavyweight high tenacity CORDURA® branded polyester base fabric laminated with highly breathable hydrophilic PU membrane technology. This gives it increased abrasion and tear strength performance, making it ideal for garments such as full length parka style jackets and over trousers worn for working on tough jobs in the rain. Waterproof and highly breathable to EN 343 Class 3:3, it’s available in EN20471 conforming to HV Orange and HV Yellow. It features a durable fluorocarbon finish on face fabric, and has a rugged visual appearance for more demanding end uses.

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