Feel comfortably protected from static risk in Alba 2 ESD

Workwear fabric by Carrington

Lightweight and comfortable with anti-static

Extending Carrington’s wide-ranging choice of fabrics for antistatic workwear, Alba 2 ESD offers a new option in protection with greater wearer comfort.

Specifically, it’s a lightweight fabric developed for those areas where there’s a requirement to reduce static electricity to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) or contain flammable liquids or gases.

The big advantage is that it offers all the comfort and easy-wear properties of a lightweight Polyester/Cotton – combined with Oeko-Tex certified protection from electrostatic discharge in an easy care finish.

It’s another innovative solution that springs from Carrington’s commitment to providing more versatile ways to meet the highest standards demanded by legislation – yet at the same time answer the growing demand for new levels of comfort in workwear.

Along with greater protection and comfort, Alba 2 ESD also brings greater creative scope for designers, manufacturers and providers of workwear garments for specialised applications. It’s also designed for commercial practicality, with the durability and launderability demanded in all the relevant industry sectors.

At Carrington we’re continuously exploring new ways to exploit the full potential of existing technologies – and investing in our own research and lab facilities to pioneer the techniques of the future.

This has led to us introducing award-winning concepts in protectivewear fabrics, and bringing new ideas such as Alba 2 ESD on stream.

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