Carrington take an active role in the community

St Marys primary school

Carrington, in partnership with Foxa donated a number of waterproof garments

As part of Carrington’s community support programme we were proud to donate a number of waterproof garments to St Mary’s primary school in Levenshulme, Manchester. Unfortunately vandals have caused more than £10,000 of damage and burnt a log cabin to the ground. As well as completely destroying the cabin, which was only installed last year, the fire also ruined all the equipment stored inside, including all of its Children’s waterproof garments. Carrington, in partnership with Foxa Finland produced and donated a full range of waterproof garments to help the children keep dry when playing and learning in their outdoor activity area.

St Mary’s is a forest school, which means children regularly take part in lessons in the school grounds to learn all about the outdoors. It is also home to a peace garden and allotments.