New Denali Pro 2.5 fills a gap in breathable waterproofs

Addition to the Denali Pro Range

Lighter weight and higher performance waterproof fabric

The latest addition to our successful Denali Pro range extends the versatility of these soft handle textured polyester twill base fabrics. The significant difference with Denali Pro 2.5 is that it gives the appearance of a ‘3-layer’ laminate, but with the same handle as a ‘2-layer ‘laminate.

This is achieved by back printing the 2 layer membrane with a dry touch print which adds minimal weight to the total finished product – and avoids the need for a lining in single layer garments. For example, blousons and lightweight jackets.

Denali Pro 2.5 features a lightweight twill microfiber polyester base fabric laminated with highly breathable hydrophilic PU membrane technology, so it answers the need for a lighter weight fabric for a wider range of waterproof garment possibilities.

Fully qualifying to EN343 3:3 requirements, it fills an important niche role between Denali Pro 2 and the more heavy-duty Denali Pro 3 - which has a protective knit backer and is still the preferred option for garments such as over trousers where abrasion of the membrane is potentially higher.

With lighter weight and higher performance now a key trend driving developments in workwear, Denali Pro 2.5 demonstrates Carrington’s commitment to innovating the future.

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