A soft shell fabric that’s hard to beat for workwear

New addition to the Waterproof range

The best fabrics, for the worst weather

Severe wintry conditions can be hard to bear, especially in biting cold winds and freezing showers. Hard on the wearer trying to put a work shift in, and hard on any garments struggling to keep the worst effects out.

A hard shell is the usual answer in workwear – but that’s not always without its drawbacks. Garments are not always easy to work in - because by definition they tend to be rigid and unyielding. Which doesn’t do a lot for wearer comfort. That’s why Denali Soft Shell 300 is such good news.

Specifically developed to give more versatile solutions in protection from cold weather conditions, it can be used in a multitude of garment design styles. Denali Soft Shell 300 is a polyester 2/1 twill microfibre polyester face fabric with FC, laminated with hydrophilic PU membrane and a performance polyester fleece on the reverse.

With a soft handle and drape, it’s easy to work in and gives a level of comfort that’s hard to beat. And when the weather turns against you, but there’s work to be done, that’s very welcome news.