Flameban is very clearly seen to be great news for safety

Combining safety, strength and durability

Range of inherently fire retardant fabrics

Our award-winning Flameban Max 310 Hi Vis Orange has already grabbed its fair share of headlines – and no wonder. A breakthrough protective fabric having both hi-vis and inherent flame retardant qualities, it became the first flame retardant fabric to meet Network Rail standards for both weight and hi-vis protection.

With its multi-norm properties, it’s now providing a level of comfort and safety in the workwear market that was previously only seen with aramid-only fabrics. Plus, it’s lightweight, extremely durable, and capable of undergoing high temperature industrial laundry washing.

And the good news just keeps on getting better, because Flameban Max 310 is the flagship of a growing range of inherently fire retardant fabrics featuring a Protal 5 blend of fibres in an exclusive woven form. Offering increasing flexibility, and yet more ways to address the issues of safety. While at the same time, delivering enhanced wearer comfort in some of the most difficult working conditions in many types of hazardous environments.

Ongoing performance upgrades in PPE – whether it’s changes in regulations or innovative solutions – should always be front page news in many sectors. With Carrington playing a leading role, we’ll always keep you up to date with what’s happening.