Garment of the Month: PRARC05 FR-AST-ARC Coverall made with Flameban Max 310

From Pulsar

The PULSAR® PRARC05 FR-AST-ARC Coverall is one of the most innovative flame retardant, anti-static and electric ARC garments on the market. Utilising Carrington Textiles’ ground breaking Flameban Max 310 fabric, the coverall is guaranteed to offer the highest possible levels of protection against potentially lethal working conditions and environments, with an unrivalled electrical ARC CAL rating of 16.0.

The coverall has been designed to provide the wearer with maximum comfort too, with elasticated wrist cuffs and waist. The ‘racing suit style’ collar and fastening ensures an optimal fit meaning the wearer not only feels safe, protected and visible but also comfortable – which is absolutely key when the garment is being worn for long periods of time. Other features such as cleverly positioned additional bar tacks to areas that encounter heavy stress such as the crotch enhance strength and durability furthermore, making the garment stand out from other coveralls currently on the market.

Using an innovative patented blend of Protal 5 fibres which includes 40% Protex, 24% FR viscose, 20% polyester, 10% cotton, 4% aramid and 2% antistatic, Flameban Max 310 offers excellent char strength and superior electric arc performance. Extremely durable with high tear strength, abrasion resistance and enhanced flash fire performance, this flame retardant fabric is certified to:

  • EN 1149-3
  • EN 1149-5
  • EN 20471
  • RIS-3279-TOM (Previously GORT 3279)
  • EN ISO 11611
  • EN ISO 11612
  • EN 61482-1-2
  • EN 61482-1-1
  • EN ISO 14116
  • EN 13034

Pulsar’s Managing Director, Stuart Jukes says: “It was the most logical decision to select Carrington Textiles’ Flameban Max 310 fabric when developing the PULSAR® ARC Workwear Collection due to its electric ARC performance compared to weight. For what is an extra 30g per square meter of fabric you get a 60% increase in CAL protection compared to other fabrics on the market”

“Not only that but the fabric is soft to the touch even though it’s incredibly hard wearing. We wanted to do it justice by designing and bringing to market the best coverall we could, adding as many bells and whistles as we were allowed to do within the standards”, Stuart adds.

Another huge advantage is that Flameban Max is being developed and available in the UK supporting British companies. With almost 50,000 garments sold in the UK alone, it’s obvious how PULSAR® and Carrington Textiles are paving the way for the future of technical protective clothing.

For more information about PRARC05 FR-AST-ARC Coverall please visit PULSAR®’s website. For more details about Flameban Max 310, certifications, key attributes and colours available visit our website, contact your sales representative or alternatively email us.