Supporting the Next Generation of Women: Meet Pakistani 13-year-old Sunaina

International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day we are proud to share the story of Sunaina, a 13 years old girl from the town of Shaidu in the north-western region of Pakistan. Sunaina is a student at the TCF Primrose Hill Campus, a low-cost secondary school for girls, we at Carrington Textiles are delighted to sponsor.

When Sunaina’s father had to stop working because of a back injury, Sunaina began crocheting various items of clothing so she could sell them to her neighbours and support her family financially. Sunaina has always loved to learn, so throughout this time, she remained determined to stay in school, withstanding the pressure to stay at home.

Sunaina is only in grade 6, but she understands the power of education. She hopes to work hard and one day fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor. With bright, confident eyes she shares, “Several people are struggling in poverty like my family, and I want to help them. By becoming a doctor and working in a government hospital, I can treat less privileged people for minimal fees”.

Unfortunately, Sunaina's story and her struggles are fairly typical of an underprivileged child in Pakistan. Many children living in the poor communities The Citizens Foundation (UK) serves, are expected to help aid the family income. This has been especially exacerbated by Covid, which has pushed more families into unemployment and poverty. That said, it is truly heartening to hear how much Sunaina values her education and the ambitions she has for herself.

With hard work and dedication, The Citizens Foundation (UK) is honouring girls like Sunaina who fight for their right to go to school. By supporting female education, they help empower the next generation of female change-makers to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

To support The Citizens Foundation visit their website, and to read more on how we support the TCF Primrose Hill Campus visit our news section here.