Carrington Textiles delivers what’s best for work and best for the world

Introducing the Balance Range

Fabrics with greener credentials

While the world will always need workwear, the planet we all share needs to be cared for and respected if we are to have a future. To achieve equilibrium, Carrington has innovated the new Balance Range, a choice of eco-friendly fabrics based on four greener and more advanced technologies, based on recycled materials and sustainable sources.

The Balance Range by Carrington lessens our strain on natural resources by using recycled polyester, REMO cotton, Tencel fibres or VORTEX spun yarns, yet offers strength and comfort to meet the demands of the working world.

This new product line was launched at A+A, the largest international trade fair dedicated to safety, security and health at work that took place in Dusseldorf last year.

Included in this greener range is our Delamere 195, a polycotton fabric developed using REPREVE, a fibre made by transforming recycled materials (including bottles). These fibres have embedded properties like wicking, adaptive cooling and water repellency, for a comfortable and durable fabric.

Also part of the Balance Range is Arden 260, a fabric containing recycled cotton from the REMO project. Carrington Textiles has partnered with REMO in order to track and trace the cotton used in garments throughout the whole supply chain and product life cycle, helping save energy, CO2 and water consumption.

Fabrics like our Varese and Coolcel 200 Plus use Tencel branded fibres that are made from the pulp of sustainably sourced wood. This technology is known for its natural comfort and moisture absorption properties.

For improved resistance to pilling and abrasion the Balance Range uses VORTEX spun yarns, a process that twists the entire yarn resulting in a high- quality fabric with a longer product life cycle, reducing textile waste and minimising microfibre release in the water when washed. Fabrics with these properties include Detroit, Denver, Tomahawk and Tacano.