“Danke, Carrington!”

Says Johannes, our good friend from BP Germany

Carrington Internship Programme

And in return we’d like to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ Johannes, it’s been a real pleasure having you here. Johannes has been working with us at Carrington as an intern, and now he’s returned home to complete his apprenticeship with BP – one of Germany’s leading specialists in workwear and personal protective equipment. What did he think of the experience? Well, let him tell you in his own words.

“As international working experience is becoming more and more important at our global labour market, Carrington gave me the opportunity to do an internship and to gain experiences in working for the largest producer of workwear fabrics in the UK. At Carrington I learned about connections of the global textile industry and how the production of textiles exactly works, which was more than interesting for me to see. Apart from learning a lot around the factory and departments such as Customer Service or Marketing, I got the see the exciting cities around here like Manchester and Liverpool. Huge thanks to Carrington, I really enjoyed my time and gained a lot of knowledge.”

Naturally, we were delighted to hear that Johannes feels that he benefitted so much from the experience. We’d like to wish him great success for his future time at BP, a highly innovative and progressive company with which we share many ideals. Like us, they are an international business dedicated to introducing new ideas and extending greater levels of customer service to customers across the world.

We both see young people such as Johannes as critical to the future of our whole industry, and here at Carrington we look forward to welcoming more people like him in the future as we develop our internship programme.