Fire, wind, rain, snow, danger. It’s been quite a year for our new fabrics.

A review of our new fabrics launched over the last 12 months

A year in the life of fabrics from Carrington

It’s been an eventful 12 months or so here at Carrington with many changes for the better. These include exciting new additions to our fabric portfolio, offering innovative ways to protect against conditions in many different types of working environments. You’ll find full details on the relevant pages of this site – but here’s a brief synopsis.


Workwear fabrics

Salo is our shirting weight EOL stretch industrial launderable fabric. The EOL fibre offers a stretch of a minimum of 18% optimising flexibility of movement within the garment. Plain weave with a blended composition, Salo delivers comfort, performance and a professional appearance.
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Idra is our mid-weight EOL polyester cotton blended, Industrial launderable fabric. Tailor made for jackets, trousers and tunics in a range of working environments, Idra is both durable and comfortable whilst maintaining its shape, vitality and elasticity under repeated wash and wear cycles.
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Locarno is our mid-weight EOL cotton rich, Industrial launderable fabric. Developed to offer optimum comfort with the addition of permanent elasticity and stretch, it works with the bodies movement in a range of high mobility working environments maintaining its shape and vitality under repeated wash and wear cycles. Ideal in heavy industry, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality, Locarno delivers excellent colour retention, dimensional stability and pilling.
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Cresta is our heavier-weight EOL polyester cotton blended, Industrial launderable fabric. Engineered to deliver permanent elasticity and stretch, Cresta lends itself to jackets, trousers and tunics in a range of high mobility working environments. Cresta offers durability, comfort and fit, maintaining its integrity under repeated wash and wear cycles.
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Alba 2 ESD
Alba 2 ESD is a lightweight fabric for areas where it is needed to reduce static electricity to protect electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) or contain flammable liquids or gases. It combined the comfort of a lightweight Polyester/Cotton with the ESD properties.
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Cooltex 185AS
Designed with a Polyester face and a Cotton reverse, Cooltex 185AS is comfortable to wear but doesn’t compromise on performance. Lightweight and strong, boasting an “low-visible” antistatic rip-stop, Cooltex 185AS is one of Carrington’s most advanced protective workwear fabrics.
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Flame Retardant fabrics

Flametougher 280AS
Flametougher 280AS is Carrington’s next generation of stronger, tougher more hard wearing flame retardant workwear. Working in conjunction with CORDURA® brand we have designed a fabric that gives a large range of multifunctional protection so the garment can be worn in a variety of different environments. Certified to all the relevant flame retardant, antistatic and electric arc requirements and with abrasion resistance of 100,000 rubs minimum (12kPa) this is truly a hard wearing, hard-working fabric for today’s multipurpose garment requirements.
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Flamestat Satin 225
Flamestat Satin 225 is Carrington’s next generation, lighter, stronger, multifunctional flame retardant workwear fabric. Designed to meet today’s increasing multipurpose garment requirements, Flamestat Satin 225 is certified to all relevant flame retardant, antistatic, chemical splash and high visibility requirements.
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Flametech 300AS
Flametech 300AS delivers a durable, washable and comfortable fabric providing additional multi-functional protection to workers operating in all environments. Suitable for industrial laundries, Flametech 300AS comes in a range of colours including Hi-Vis Orange and Red conforming to EN 20471 that offers brands much needed choice in workwear clothing.
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Waterproof fabrics

Flamestat Satin 225 Pro 2
Flamestat Satin 225 is also available with a laminated breathable membrane (Pro2 ™) certificated EN 343 Class 3-3. Withstanding precipitation, fog and ground humidity, Flamestat Satin 225 Pro2™ remains breathable, thus keeping the wearer dry, even in heavy downpours!
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Alaska Pro 2 & 3 CORDURA®
Alaska is a heavyweight high tenacity Cordura® branded polyester base fabric laminated with highly breathable hydrophilic PU membrane technology, ideal for full length parka style jackets and over trousers. Full conformance to EN 343 3:3, available in EN20471 conforming to HV Orange and HV Yellow.
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Denali Pro 2.5
Denali Pro 2.5 is a lightweight twill microfiber polyester base fabric laminated with highly breathable hydrophilic PU membrane technology and protected by a further printed layer. The reverse side has a dry touch and allows a single layer to be used in a garment, avoiding the need for a lining as would be recommended for a standard Pro 2 fabric. A soft handle, lighter weight version of our Denali Pro 3.
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Denali Soft Shell 300
A polyester 2/2 twill microfibre polyester face fabric with FC, laminated with hydrophilic PU membrane and a performance polyester fleece on the reverse. Designed for protection from wind and cold weather conditions. This fabric cannot be seam seal taped and hence whilst the fabric is waterproof, garment seams will not be so garments can be referred to as shower resistant.
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Defence fabrics

Hurricane & Tornado
Introducing advanced developments of our highly successful Hurricane and Tornado fabrics. These are primarily used in military equipment such as body armour, personal load carriage equipment and garment reinforcement. Each of these will now be available in printed and dyed options with a choice of finishes including water resistant, waterproof and flame retardant waterproof.

This allows a greater choice of durability to suit the most demanding conditions in extreme environments and punishing climates. All of the fabrics offer outstanding long-lasting abrasion resistance.
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Jupiter Pro 3
Plain Weave Textured Medium Tenacity Nylon 6.6, laminated with bi-component PTFE membrane and nylon knit on the reverse. Suitable for foul weather waterproof garments in both military printed or dyed options.
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As the workwear industry enters a new era, Carrington Textiles is leading from the front with new ideas, new fabrics, new technology and new ways to define the future.