Award shows Flameban to be a fabric of the future

Project 20/20 Award Winner

Flameban Max 310 Hi Vis Orange

Carrington was proud to sponsor this year’s Project 20/20 Design Awards, an exciting event to support and encourage the next generation of designers that will literally shape the future of our industry.

So we were delighted to actually pick up one of these prestigious awards ourselves, emerging as Winner in the best Fabric & Fibre category. Especially as the fabric that performed so well in the judging was our Flameban Max 310 Hi Vis Orange.

The flagship of our inherently fire retardant fabrics, it uses an innovative patented blend of fibres – delivering the ultimate performance with excellent char strength and superior electric arc performance at low weights.

A breakthrough in technical multi-norm fabrics, it demonstrates our ability to anticipate the future in the increasingly demanding world of workwear.