Sanitized® Silver delivers safety in hygiene and healthcare products

Protects from bacterial growth and odors

The Sanitized® Silver antimicrobial finish

Breakthroughs in medicine and treatments are obviously the big stories that make the front pages in all the papers and medical journals. But there’s a much quieter revolution that can play a vital role in helping to aid recovery and prevent the spread of secondary infections. The Sanitized® Silver antimicrobial finish protects treated materials against microbes.

Sanitized® Silver is based on the well-understood and valued antibacterial effects of silver. The Sanitized® technology has taken these properties and enhanced them so that they can be more easily harnessed and applied to fabrics – giving an exceptionally effective treatment that inhibit the growth of bacteria. This is achieved by using silver ions embedded in an innovative carrier system, free from any nano particles.

The benefits in hygiene terms are clear. Not only in hospitals but in primary care – including doctors and dentists’ surgeries, clinics, nursing homes and residential homes for the elderly. It brings a reliable and durable bacteriostatic effect that acts against a broad range of bacteria including MRSA, VRE and NDM-1.

Sanitized® Silver also offers improved wearing comfort for healthcare professionals. Acting like a like a built-in deodorant, it prevents the development of unpleasant odours caused by bacteria. It also keeps fabrics fresh and comfortable, which is a welcome feature in garments worn by personnel as well as patients. Just as important, the finish has excellent wash fastness. 50 wash cycles according to EN ISO 6330 (2A) 60 degrees.

Some important facts about Sanitized® Silver Technology

  • Health hazards due to the risks of infection present serious problems throughout the world – and lead directly and indirectly to costs that place enormous strain on budgets. Sanitized® Silver can provide a solution that can make an effective contribution that’s simple to implement for minimal outlay.
  • The Sanitized® treatment is environmentally safe, conforms to bluesign® and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® and retains an extremely high antibacterial effect, even after multiple industrial washes.
  • The Sanitized® Silver finish can be applied to a wide range of fabrics that are used for different applications in medical environments – including garments and bedding.
  • Carrington’s Technical Services team can provide more details on specific aspects, and will work closely with customers to advise on the most suitable choice of fabrics for particular applications.

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