How we took our environmental message to Techtextil

Leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens

Thank you to everyone who attended

What a great show that was! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and came away from Frankfurt with an exciting insight into what the future holds for the fabric world.

For us, it was also a great opportunity to meet so many friends face to face and talk about how we’re meeting that future with our own innovative ideas. Not only with award-winning new fabrics, but wide ranging measures to meet the all-important issue of sustainability. (And let’s face it, there won’t even be a future unless we all act responsibly – and act now.)

As a company, we’ve long been aware of why this is of growing concern, which is why we were an early signatory to the Climate Change Charter. This commits us to developing fabric solutions that are produced and processed more responsibly and ethically.

So far, we’ve made significant investments to do so, and made very significant strides as a result. For instance, we’ve reduced our annual emissions of CO2 by over 40,000 tonnes.

With sustainability being a main focus of the show this year, we were proud to be selected as one of the 47 exhibitors -out of over 1,800- demonstrating ‘Sustainability at Techtextil.’ Our latest developments with environmentally friendly fibres confirmed our commitment to the environment. Our new Varese fabric containing Tencel proved popular with visitors, as the Tencel fibre originates from renewable raw material and is produced in a closed-loop process.

At Carrington, we want to ensure that we stay at the forefront of fabrics in a changing world. As we were proud to demonstrate at Techtextil, the most important event in that world.