The Carrington Cooltex Range

Workwear fabrics

Combining the best properties of polyester rich and cotton rich fabrics

Cooltex is a 4/1 satin construction using a polyester rich (65% polyester/35% cotton) warp and a cotton-rich (75% cotton/25% polyester) weft.

By using yarns of varying blend ratio in satin weave this places one blend on the front of the fabric and one blend to the back and gives the material the property of having two distinct faces. The front is polyester rich for durability, high colour fastness, low washing shrinkage and good tunnel finishing (easy care) performance while the back is cotton rich for comfort and moisture absorbency especially when worn next to the skin. This construction therefore has the best properties of polyester rich and cotton rich fabrics combined into one material. The overall blend ratio of the fabric is 50% polyester/50% cotton.

The polyester face also allows the fabric to be dyed to the requirements of EN 20471 in high visibility yellow.  

The fabric is available in three weights: 185 g/m², 215g/m² and 275g/m2.

Recently launched in late 2017 is Cooltex 185AS, which combines a ‘low visible’ antistatic ripstop grid with a polyester face and cotton reverse construction. Lightweight yet strong, it’s certified to EN 1149-3 and EN 1149-5. This makes it the ideal solution in sectors such as the automobile industry – in situations where an antistatic fabric is needed, without the requirements of a full clean-room environment.

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