Waterproofing adds yet more proof of Flameban’s superior performance

Flameban Max 310 Pro 2 & Pro 3

Offering excellent waterproofing with breathability

Flameban Max 310 is the flagship of our inherent fabric range, and our best seller for many excellent technical reasons. But as well as delivering exceptional flame retardant and electric arc protection, did you know it’s also available in two laminated versions offering excellent waterproofing with breathability?

Namely, Flameban Max 310 Pro 2 in 370 gsm and Flameban Max 310 Pro 3 in 410 gsm. So, now there are more options for garments that allow wearers to work not only safely, but much more comfortably and efficiently in foul weather and wet working environments.

Along with Flameban’s other significantly advanced features, this extra performance dimension has helped make Pro 2 and Pro 3 the fabric of choice for companies and organisations involved in the most demanding industry sectors.

To give just one example, the high performing Flameban Max 310 Pro 3 multi-norm - which has the highest cal rating for electric arc protection (ATPV) of all our fabrics - is being used extensively in workwear designed for one of Europe’s major utilities companies.

What adds to the attraction and versatility of both Pro 2 and Pro 3 is that they are available in Hi Vis Orange and Hi Vis Yellow to EN 20471, incorporating a polyester face fabric, and are compliant to EN 343 Class 3:3. Their construction includes aramid in a Protal 5 blend of fibres in a woven form exclusive to Carrington – delivering maximum performance with an excellent strength to weight ratio.

The result is an unprecedented level of safety and comfort in applications where it matters most. And in these waterproof options, this makes Flameban Max 310 the foolproof choice in the toughest working environments.