How a volcano provides the perfect human working environment, with Xtraflex SL 37.5

NEW Xtraflex SL 37.5 by Carrington

With advanced thermoregulatory technology

Imagine being able to work in supreme comfort at the ideal core body temperature of 37.50 - with the perfect fabric for chefswear, healthcare and leisurewear. That’s the big new plus offered by our popular Xtraflex SL, now made available with advanced 37.5 thermoregulatory technology.

Delivering a natural way for the wearer to keep cool or warm, in differing environments, Xtraflex SL 37.5 is a highly innovative fabric engineered with fibres that are embedded with active particles derived from volcanic sand.

How does it work? Well, using infrared energy emitted from the body, these particles evaporate moisture if the wearer is hot or radiate warmth back if the wearer is cold.

By absorbing water from the skin before it condenses and speeding up evaporation from clothing, this also keeps the microclimate around the skin’s surface dry and comfortable- whether in hot or cold climates.

And it gets even better, because the particles are permanently embedded, which means the technology will never wash out. What’s more, Xtraflex SL 37.5 has built in mechanical stretch to give extra comfort and flexibility, while helping to maintain the garment's smart appearance.

The fabric also traps odour and releases them during washing, making the garments fresh to wear each and every time. Which is yet another important factor in garments designed for chefswear, healthcare and leisure sectors.

Xtraflex SL 37.5. Advanced thinking, powered by particles.