Textime Russia

About Textime

TEXTIME is the exclusive representative and distributor of Carrington fabrics in Russia and the CIS countries.  
TEXTIME possesses a unique experience for decision making in the design of modern workwear,  providing maximum protection and efficiency for the wearer. The objective is to supply workwear manufactured from specialized fabrics and materials for all end uses - beginning with small companies and going through to large industrial corporations.

Our team

TEXTIME is a team of skilled professionals with great experience in Industrial Health and Safety markets, who are well versed with both domestic and international manufacturers ranges. Our experts are ready to help both sewing companies and end users design and introduce modern workwear solutions at all types of manufacturing and service companies.


  • TEXTIME experts are ready to help to design modern professional working clothes to protect personnel from:
  • production pollution and mechanical damage
  • flame, heat, sparks and metal splashes
  • crude oil and mineral oil
  • static electricity
  • poor visibility  environments
  • bad weather- wind and low temperatures
  • acids solution, oils



There is a special programme for product development in TEXTIME. The philosophy is based on close interaction with consumers, during which we identify customer's needs and requirements regarding fabric characteristics.

The analysis of received data allows the team of skilled technical experts to perform research, improve fabrics' characteristics and innovate design technology for new products to meet requirements of both Russian and International standards.

Customer service

TEXTIME cares for work quality and prompt response to clients' inquiries.

The structure of the company is created in a way to be able to respond as quickly as possible and process inquiries effectively. The qualified employees are ready to help customers choose fabrics and accessories for specific purposes.

We provide our clients with information on fabrics' technical characteristics; give recommendations on tailoring and instructions how to care for workwear; Russian state standards on workwear and all other relevant information. We are continuously expanding our network of regional representatives in Russia and the CIS countries. Today we are represented in St.-Petersburg, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk, N.Novgorod and Kiev.

Our experience is at your disposal !


Short lead times are a necessity in today's world, particularly so when the range contains more than 40 types of fabrics, with up to 40 colours for some types.

Textime has the largest warehouse of European fabrics in Russia at our clients' disposal. We sell fabrics from our warehouse in Moscow and by request in lots beginning from a single roll.

If a client needs a fabric of special shade or print we can produce it specially for him in lots from 1000 meters.

We can arrange quick delivery to any part of Russia.

Research & development

TEXTIME is not only the exclusive representative of leading European fabrics manufacturers and not simply a supplier. We consult  and help our partners - sewing companies to produce modern professional working clothes. We study and analyze workwear wearing conditions and help ultimate users to form corporate standards and requirements for delivered workwear. We help companies to organize workwear servicing. Now we are forming a new service for the Russian market - workwear rental. TEXTIME has taken an active part in developing new corporate standards for such companies as TNK-BP, Ural Steel, RUSAL, etc.

The company assists in the introduction of new standards; participates in development of training programmess for company employees. TEXTIME is an active member of the Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Equipment for Individual Protection.

Customer support

The reputation of the company is based on a long experience in the Russian market of labour safety and world-wide recognition of the production of leading European manufacturers: Carrington Workwear , Concordia Textiles (Belgium), Vizreflectives (England).

The increase of requirements for high quality workwear demands a great attention to  numerous important characteristics of fabrics and materials. We select the best products from leading manufacturers of the world. We will help you to select the fabric to meet your individual requirements.. We continuously  work to improve service levels, to increase our employees' product knowledge and to improve logistics. A guarantee of high quality  fabrics and materials and popularity of world brands is the basis of your success!