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Our main production facility: A specialist in Dyeing, Printing, Processing and Finishing
Based in Lancashire, where British textiles began, Pincroft Dyeing & Printing is Carrington Textiles’ main workwear fabric factory with a current production capacity of 35 million metres a year.

Pincroft was initially set up in the 19th century when Benjamin Davies and brother in law James Eckersley started operations of the Pincroft Dyeing and Printing company for the bleaching and finishing of fabrics in 1891.

A century later in 1998, after joining forces with Carrington Textiles, both companies saw a considerable turnover increase from €50 million in 1999 to €104 million in 2019, as well as growing the export business extensively to reach new geographical markets including Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Investment and Innovation
A continuous programme of capital investment has given the company one of the most modern dyeing and finishing plants in the world. Over €30 million has been invested in the past years to help develop fabrics and finishes for exceptional performance in the most demanding workplace environments. To remain at the forefront of innovation, a further €15 million has been invested into a new research and development laboratory, machinery, human resource and infrastructure.


130+ years operating Icon

130+ years operating

35 million metres a year Icon

35 million metres a year

376,000 sq ft factory Icon

376,000 sq ft factory

Dyeing, printing, processing and finishing Icon

Dyeing, printing, processing and finishing